Who Should Apply

Applications for the Class of 2025 are now closed.

Are you or a member of your team seeking a one-of-a-kind leadership training opportunity developed specifically for in-house counsel?  If so, the ACC National Capital Region Leadership Academy is the ideal program because it helps develop the self-management, relationship-management, and leadership skills needed to succeed in the in-house environment.

The Academy is designed to enhance every in-house counsel's ability to "lead from any seat,” no matter their current role, stage in their career, or aspirations. Strong candidates for the Academy have a real desire to develop their leadership potential and apply those skills to their roles in their departments, in a working group, or on a cross-disciplinary team.  While the Academy teaches skills that would benefit attorneys who aspire to higher-level positions, including the General Counsel role, it is not only for GCs or GCs-in-waiting. Team members who go through the Academy program will give depth to the organization’s leadership bench and be well positioned to “pay it forward” by applying their learning directly to their day-to-day roles.

Wondering if the Academy is right for you?  Want to get a better idea of what the experience is really like?  If you would like to have a conversation with an alum to get a better idea of what goes on and the impact it has on participants, send an e-mail to Ilene Reid (Ilene.Reid-NCR@accglobal.com) and we will put you in contact with one.

Eligibility criteria for the Academy:

To qualify for the Academy, candidates must generally have:

  • Practiced law for a minimum of seven years as of September 2024, and
  • Practiced in-house for a minimum of two years as of September 2024.

In-house counsel at various stages in their careers have found the Academy relevant and beneficial.  The first seven Academy classes have contained a comparable number of Fellows with 7-15 years’ of legal experience and 16-25 years of legal experience, and some who are already in the GC/CLO role. If a candidate does not have the minimums noted above, equivalent experience may be considered in limited instances.

Candidates must also be ACC members or be eligible for ACC membership to participate in the Academy. Preference will be given to applicants who are ACC NCR chapter members.  If you are not a member of ACC, you can join by clicking here.  If you are a non-member at the time of selection, the cost of one year's membership in ACC will be added to the member tuition fee.

Fellows will be selected from a broad range of industries and non-profit organizations, as well as a mix of large and small legal departments, to create a well-balanced and high-caliber class, and optimize the opportunity for you to learn from one another in both the classroom and in your learning cohort group meetings.

Wright"The Leadership Academy not only taught me valuable skills that I now use in my personal and professional life every day, it fundamentally changed how I approach my job and gave me the confidence to unleash my leadership potential. I have a new focus on not just the quality of my work, but also on how I do my work and interact with others. Before the academy I wanted to be a leader; because of the academy, I am one."

Andy Wright
Class of 2018 Fellow
Vice President, Senior Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Marriott International, Inc.

Get the Green Light To Apply

Need to justify the expense of the Academy to your organization?  We've created a customizable letter and "Make the Case" document to help you get its support.  Also, you can give them a copy of our one page description of the Academy.

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