Andrew Ting "As the founding lawyer at a startup, I knew I needed to learn how to lead. The Academy taught me how to build a dedicated and resilient team, encourage an accountable and efficient corporate culture, and to set standards for myself that now define my personal and professional lives." Andrew Ting Class of 2018 Fellow
Managing Director and General Counsel
Promontory MortgagePath LLC
Rob Falk "The path to career advancement is paved with a commitment to personal growth. Good in-house lawyers are effective advisors. Great in-house lawyers learn how to lead." Rob Falk Academy Board of Advisors
General Counsel
The Truth Initiative
Lesley Marlin "The Leadership Academy provided me with new ways to think about leadership, as well as a variety of tools and strategies.  Putting these tools and strategies into action is creating a ripple effect across my organization and company." Lesley Marlin Class of 2018 Fellow
Senior Counsel, Labor and Employment
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Ama Romaine "I learned pretty early in my career that lawyers who want to advance to senior leadership roles must also develop leadership skills and competencies to effectively influence people and create positive outcomes. These leadership skills should be an essential component of every attorney’s professional development journey." Ama Romaine Academy Board of Advisors
G6 Hospitality LLC
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

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