Module 7 Briefing Sheet




  • Prepare a 3-4-minute presentation about a lesson that you have learned in life. This lesson can describe a workplace experience or an experience outside of work. Your audience for the presentation is your colleagues in the Academy. You will deliver this presentation in small groups in the morning (April 12) and you may have the opportunity to deliver the presentation to the full group later in the day. You will not need to present this at your Cohort meeting.
  • Before your next Cohort meeting, deliberately observe the presentation skills of speakers at meetings. Bring a notebook with you to capture your experience.
  • How would you evaluate his/her eye contact? Natural smile? Pace? Tone of voice? Volume? Ability to connect quickly with you? Hold your attention?
  • How would you evaluate the overall content of their presentation?
  • Today – now removed from the presentation(s) what do you recall? What lasting impression do they have on you?
  • View the Laura Sicola TEDx Talk. How does her presentation resonate with you? What do you want to personally develop as part of your own presentation skills?
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Into Which You Can Type Your Responses To The Tasks (Above).


  • What is your current belief about yourself as a public speaker?
  • Why would someone go out of their way to hear you deliver a presentation?
  • What kind of feedback have you received recently about a presentation you have given?
  • How do you try to differentiate yourself as a speaker?

COHORT MEETING (Meet to discuss the following BEFORE Classroom Session)

  • Check in and share any additional learning from the previous session.
  • Share your observations of speakers at meetings and their impact on you.
  • Share your takeaways from the TEDx Talk video and readings.

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