Module 6 Briefing Sheet


"Speed Ventures" Case Simulation

Vicki Medvec, the Faculty for this session, has provided the following important instructions with respect to the Case Simulation:

  • Do not discuss the Case Simulation or the role that you have been assigned with anyone prior to the session (including at your cohort meeting).
  • Read the Case Simulation in the days prior to the session so that it is very fresh in your mind when you come to the session.
  • Read and consider the Case Simulation from the perspective of your assigned role -- either Pat James,  Jessie Edwards or Robin Burns.
  • Be prepared to engage in your role during the decision-making exercise in the upcoming session.


  • Per the instructions above, read the "Speed Ventures" Case Simulation.
  • Think about your (and your legal department’s) decision-making experience in your Company/Organization. What decision-making challenges have you encountered?
  • Record (write) down some of those decision-making challenges.
Click Here To Download A Word Version Of The Briefing Sheet
Into Which You Can Type Your Responses To The Tasks (Above).

COHORT MEETING (Meet to discuss the following BEFORE Classroom Session)

  • Check in and share any additional learning from the previous session.
  • Share your decision-making experiences and challenges.
  • Write a collective list of those challenges from your Cohort discussion and be prepared to discuss and learn from your experience during the session.
  • (Remember, do not discuss the Simulation or your assigned role with anyone, including members of your cohort, prior to the session.)

(Postscript -- Click here for supplemental data for the Simulation that was given only to teams that requested this information while working through the exercise in class.)

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