Module 4 Briefing Sheet


In this module you will be thinking about vision through three different lenses of focus: Personal, Legal Department, and Organization/Business. In the pre-work Tasks and Personal Reflection below, you will be working on your personal vision (“Why”). (At the Module 4 session on January 12, we will spend most of our time on the other lenses.)



  • View the two YouTube/TEDx Channel videos.
  • Complete your own personal “Drawing Your Dreams into Reality.” (Ref. Dobrowolski YouTube/TEDx Channel video.)
  • Bring a copy of your Legal Department Vision Statement andOrganization/Business Vision Statement (if they exist).
  • Complete the Status Quo Inventory and Assess Reality workbook to help you think through where your Legal Department is today. (Both YouTube/TEDx Channel videos will inspire how you think through this.)
  • Identify a meaningful change that you are either in the process of making or would like to make to help your Legal Department be more effective, or raise its profile in the broader organization, or implement a new policy/procedure, or something else. What is the intention of the change? Who will the change benefit? How will you know that it was successful?
Click here to download a Word version of this Briefing Sheet
into which you can type your responses to the following questions.


  • What have you learned about yourself as you try to articulate a personal vision? (Ref. Dobrowolski YouTube/TEDx Channel video.)
  • How is your personal vision aligned to the work that you do as an attorney?
  • Start thinking: How might you apply some of your pre-work reflections toward inspiring vision in the work you do as in-house counsel or in your Legal Department?
  • What has been your experience leading a change initiative?
  • What did you learn from that experience (highlights and lowlights)?
  • How would you describe your Legal Department’s culture regarding change?
  • How would you describe your own willingness/resistance to change?

COHORT MEETING (Meet to discuss the following BEFORE Classroom Session)

  • Check in and share any additional learning from the previous session.
  • If you have them available, share the Vision Statements for your Legal Department and Organization/Business. How do they inspire you?
  • Share your “Drawing Your Dreams into Reality” outcome, and discuss the experience you had creating it.
  • Share your responses to any of the personal reflections above.

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