Orientation Briefing Sheet / Class of 2023


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Some of the pre-work is intended to provide foundational information. While some items of pre-work may not be discussed during the Academy session, it provides a necessary introduction to the material that will allow our faculty to maximize facilitation time when we are together for each seminar.



  • Complete the Behavioral Styles Assessment by October 12, 2022.
  • When you received your report, read through the Quick Reference Card and Your Report (especially pages 1-13)
  • Read “Here’s the Fundamental Difference Between Behavior and Personality”
  • Watch the video "Safety or Purpose?"
  • Bring to the session on October 20th your most recent draft of your Professional Leadership Development Plan and be prepared to address it in the session. Please make sure you have incorporated any suggestions for revisions that you received from your coach when you met to review your first draft.


  • What other self-assessments have you done in your professional career? How did you use those results?
  • How do your Behavioral Styles results align/diverge from these other assessments?
  • What common themes do you find between your Leadership Circle Profile 360 results and your Behavioral Styles results?
  • What did you find affirming and/or troubling from your results on these assessments?

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