Jim Sims helps leaders, managers, lawyers, and others be more effective, both individually and with colleagues and their teams.  Clients identify obstacles that interfere with their goals and develop ways to over-come those hurdles and reorient their paths.  He believes that clients often already have the answers to their challenges – coaching simply helps tease out their solutions in a way that facilitates client progress and success.

Jim’s coaching, facilitation, and training work enables clients to address how to lead their teams more effectively, communicate more directly, become more assertive, develop a more positive outlook, optimize organizational structure, present themselves more professionally, rebuild dysfunctional teams, manage time and projects more efficiently, and – perhaps most important – change the lens through which they view the world around them.

Jim has worked with multiple clients in numerous industry sectors in various disciplines, including leadership development, team coaching, relationship coaching, personality assessment, 360-degree feedback, and career strategy and transition.

Jim brings to his work over 30 years’ combined experience as an associate and then a partner in a multi-national law firm.  While working with myriad clients on their legal matters in multiple industries, he also focused on the firm’s people, serving on the firm’s Professional Development and Evaluation Committees – leading training programs, administering the firm’s evaluation systems in his group, recruiting lateral attorneys at all levels, and serving as independent reviewer for rising partner candidates. Along the way, Jim trained, mentored, and coached countless people with diverse backgrounds.  Now an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach, Jim coaches clients in start-up companies, multinational conglomerates, law firms, nonprofits, conglomerates, law firms, nonprofits, and all levels of government.

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