Module 2 Briefing Sheet




  • View the Ted Talk videos and identity 2-3 key takeaways from each. Be prepared to share your insights with your Cohort Group. “Takeaways” include:
    • something I want to do
    • something I want to really think about more
    • something I disagree with and want to understand more
    • something that challenged me, and that I want to pursue more
    • something that has had a lasting impact since I viewed the video
  • Read “Read This and Be a Better Listener Immediately
  • Recall a recent workplace conversation through the lens of your role as a leader and less as a technical expert. Write a short verbatim (6-8 lines for each side of the conversation). What surprised you about this conversation? Did you notice a shift in your language, from “legal speak” to something else? If so what was it? Did you notice a different connection with the person? If so, what was it? What impact did this conversation have on your relationship? Be prepared to discuss this situation at a high level in the next seminar as an opportunity for you to differentiate your voice as a leader vs. a legal expert.


  • How do you “show up” at meetings?
  • Do you find yourself multitasking during meetings or conversations, or are you really “present”?
  • At work, how would you describe your own courage? Compassion? Vulnerability?
  • How well do you use active listening skills with the intent to understand or the intent to respond?
  • How well do you pay attention to nonverbal communication, such as the speaker’s facial expressions, gestures and tone, in additional to verbal statements?
  • How do your biases and emotional filters play a role in your ability to listen without judgment until the person is finished making their points?
  • What are your best practices around picking up the phone vs. sending an e-mail or using other electronic forms communication?
  • How well do you prepare meaningful agendas for meetings that you host?
  • How informed are you about the objectives or agenda items for meetings you attend, or do you blindly accept meeting requests?

(Meet to discuss the following BEFORE Classroom session)

  • Discuss the "Emotional Intelligence Case Study" that was handed out at the end of Module 1.  And share any additional learning from the previous session that you wish to share.
  • Share something from your LCP results and/or your Professional Development Plan that you have focused on in recent weeks.
  • Share your experiences attending meetings: How do you show up most often? Catch yourself multitasking? What impact does this have on others and on your ability to be fully engaged? How do you know this?
  • Share your key takeaways from any of the videos or the listening article.

Click here to download a Word version of the Briefing Sheet
on which you can record your responses and notes.



  • Identify appropriate methods of communication for different situations.
  • Engage in active listening skills with the intent of understanding and responding (vs. reacting).
  • Use clear and succinct language and the right tone to deliver your message.
  • Discuss and provide strategies for translating “legal risk” into language the business can understand.
  • Understand best practices for well-prepared meetings.

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