Briefing sheets (containing pre-work and reflection questions) will be used throughout your leadership learning experience. Pre-work will include articles and videos from subject matter experts and thought leaders - including some of our own Leadership Academy faculty members - that will provide you with core information about the Module theme. Pre-work may or may not be discussed during the Academy sessions, but provides a necessary introduction to the material that will allow our faculty to maximize facilitation time when we are together for each seminar.

Many of the articles are from Harvard Business Review, which you will access through your subscription as a participating Fellow. If you are having difficulty activating your HBR subscription, please contact HBR Customer Assistance at 800-274-3214.  They will be able to find your subscription by searching your 5 digit zip code and last name.  If you are still running into issues, please email

Personal Reflections

Please take time to write down your reflections (typing or by hand). You will not be asked to turn these in, but there is value to writing them down. You should also bring the assigned reflections with you to the session and to your cohort learning discussion between sessions.

Cohort Meetings

During the first session, you will be assigned to a smaller learning cohort group. With the exception of Module 1, you will be expected to meet with your learning cohort for approximately one hour sometime before each module, to discuss:

  • your responses to specific questions that are provided,
  • significant take-aways from what you’ve read/viewed,
  • your personal experience of implementing what you’ve learned, and/or opportunities to give and receive feedback to one another.

The pre-work for each module, including your cohort meeting, should take no more than eight to ten hours to complete.

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