Throughout the Academy’s intensive, nine-month program, you will

  • Connect with your class – a group of approximately 30 high-achieving in-house counsel from across our region who share your commitment to learning, growth and professional achievement.
  • Connect with your cohort, a working group of no more than six Fellows, to optimize your learning and support one another’s professional growth and development.
  • Connect with nationally recognized Faculty through engaging class discussion and exercises.
  • Connect with members of our Board of Advisors through Academy sessions and social events.

Lasting professional relationships like these are key to your professional success.  When you complete the program, our hope is that you will be inspired to “pay it forward” by mentoring and networking with future Leadership Academy Fellows.

"Once you get past the title and the quick-hit job description, you learn that we are all dealing with similar issues in our careers: tough bosses, tough boards, clients that often don’t listen, wanting something more meaningful from work. I was in a class where the best and brightest were willing to share their passions, their achievements, their failures and their lives with me and I am better for it. You cannot come out after a year and not be a better leader, lawyer, partner and person."

Jesse Raben
Class of 2018 Fellow
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
The Insurance Trust

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