Briefing Sheet


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  • View the three videos and reflect on the following:
    • Pre-Covid-19, what got in the way of better time/task management for you?
    • In our current Covid-19 environment what best practices do you use to help you manage your time and tasks in a given week?
    • Based on the Book Video Club and David Grady videos, how might you adapt some of their suggestions to an ongoing virtual work environment?
    • Identify “Great Ideas” or “Best Practices” from any/all of the videos that resonate with you. What impact might these have on you/your work were you to adopt them?
  • Read the three articles and reflect on the following:
    • In “When to Say No,” Tulgen reminds us that a well-defined ask clarifies all aspects of the request. Consider recent asks that have been made of you. How did you respond? In retrospect, how clear was the ask?
      • Consider recent asks that you have made to others. How clear was your ask? How would you change your approach to delegation in light of Markum’s suggestions in “How to Stop Delegating and Start Teaching”?
    • Tulgen also discusses the differences between a good and a bad “No,” and delivering a good “Yes.” Review your “no” and “yes” responses to others over the last 6 months during Covid-19. What are you doing well (having positive impact) and what is something you could improve?
    • Based on “8 Task Management Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done,” what tip(s) might you consider to incorporating into your day?
  • Review pages 22- 25 in your Behavioral Styles Report. What energy (style) do you bring to getting things done? What is the impact on both the task and others? Identify a co-worker whose style is different than yours. How might you approach them differently in order to work more effectively together?
  • If you are currently managing/supervising others, identify 1-2 people to whom you could begin to develop by delegating more to. What specific tasks or responsibilities would you start with? How would you evaluate their readiness to do these?

COHORT MEETING (Meet in Cohort to discuss the following topics)

  • Remind one another of your Behavior Style results.
  • What has stayed with you since our Orientation meeting?
  • Discuss some of your reflections from this pre-work.

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  • Learn best practices around setting priorities based on your daily tasks and assignments.
  • Understand how to clearly assign responsibilities and set clear objectives
  • Learn best practices around fostering a climate of individual as well as team accountability.





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