• Name Robin Sanders
    Email robin.sanders@bcbsa.com
    Title Assistant General Counsel - Litigation
    Employer Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
    Class 2020
    Bio Robin is the Chief Privacy Official with responsibility over Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's privacy program. In addition, Robin provides legal counsel and partners with business leaders on a wide range of subjects, including data strategy, cybersecurity, and antitrust.
  • Name Ronald (Chip) Whitford, Jr.
    Email rowhitford@bwxt.com
    Title Deputy General Counsel, Securities, Governance, Deputy Compliance Officer and Assistant Secretary
    Employer BWX Technologies, Inc.
    Class 2020
    Bio Chip oversees a team of five employees responsible for corporate governance, SEC/NYSE, ESG, mergers and acquisitions, debt offerings, ethics and compliance, labor and employment, commercial contract and related matters.
  • Name Ronald Ferlazzo
    Email ronald_ferlazzo@freddiemac.com
    Title Managing Associate General Counsel
    Employer Freddie Mac
    Class 2020
    Bio Ron leads a 12-attorney section of securities and capital markets lawyers supporting the Multifamily division of Freddie Mac. The section is responsible for legal advice on all Multifamily securitizations, which total nearly $100 billion per year.
  • Name Rosemary Ameh
    Email rosemary.ameh@lmco.com
    Title General Counsel International (RMS)
    Employer Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Class 2019
  • Name Sara Marshman
    Email smarshman@humanesociety.org
    Title Senior Assistant General Counsel
    Employer The Humane Society of the United States
    Class 2019
  • Name Sarah Maguire
    Email sarah.a.maguire@baesystems.com
    Title Senior Counsel
    Employer BAE Systems
    Class 2018
    Bio Sarah provides counseling and legal support to the Intelligence & Security sector of BAE Systems. She is skilled in both commercial and civil litigation, and has a long history of working in the Defense & Space industry.
  • Name Sean Fleming
    Email sean.fleming@hughes.com
    Title Vice President & Associate General Counsel
    Employer Hughes Network Systems, LLC
    Class 2018
  • Name Shawn Fraser
    Email shawn.w.fraser@lmco.com
    Title Director and Associate General Counsel
    Employer Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Class 2019
  • Name Sung Kim
    Email sung.kim@jhuapl.edu
    Title Senior Associate General Counsel
    Employer Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    Class 2018
    Bio Sung specializes in Intellectual property law. He has expertise in IP related corporate transactions, strategic management and assertion of IP portfolios, patent infringement and validity, product clearance, as well as IP and data rights issues associated with government contracting.
  • Name Susan Peter
    Email susan.peter@hilton.com
    Title Senior Counsel
    Employer Hilton
    Class 2018
  • Name Te-Mika Warner
    Email te-mika_warner@fanniemae.com
    Title Senior Director & Deputy General Counsel
    Employer Fannie Mae
    Class 2020
    Bio As Senior Director and Deputy General Counsel at Fannie Mae, Te-Mika manages the legal team responsible for supporting Multifamily debt production activities, including support for deal execution, strategy development, policy guidance, product enhancement and mission support. She also oversees the development and maintenance of loan documentation for debt production and the legal delegation risk control framework.
  • Name Ted Feldman
    Email tfeldman@truthinitiative.org
    Title Deputy General Counsel
    Employer Truth Initiative Foundation
    Class 2019
  • Name Todd Aman
    Email todd.aman@fiscalnote.com
    Title Vice President and Associate General Counsel - Securities & Compliance
    Employer FiscalNote
    Class 2019
  • Name Ty Thompson
    Email tyrus.thompson@nreca.coop
    Title Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Director and Member Legal Services
    Employer National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
    Class 2018
  • Name Virginia Robinson
    Email virginia.robinson@dyn-intl.com
    Title Deputy General Counsel
    Employer DynCorp International LLC
    Class 2018
    Bio Virginia's areas of responsibility include Labor & Employment, Corporate Governance, Subsidiary Management, International Law, Compliance/Investigations, IP, Privacy/Cybersecurity, and Environmental Health & Safety. She was promoted to Deputy GC shortly after she completed the Academy.
  • Name Zachary Stewart
    Email zachary.stewart@serco-na.com
    Title Vice President & Associate General Counsel
    Employer Serco Inc.
    Class 2020
    Bio Zack started as SME in Government Contracting and Technology Transactions. Now #2 in the legal department, Zack plays a key role in managing budget and litigation dockets, compliance reporting, and legal-team staffing.
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