Module 8 Briefing Sheet / Class of 2018


In his book Outliers, author/speaker Malcolm Gladwell writes that "ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness." He recognized that with requisite talent, people who practiced and learned in their discipline for minimally 10,000 hours, could reach a level of true mastery. MIT professor Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline) develops a similar theme when he identifies individual (and organizational) learning disciplines. “Personal Mastery,” for Senge, is a set of specific principles and practices that enables a person to learn, and expand their capacity to create the results they desire. To understand ourselves, to know our purpose in life, and to direct our energies by using our strengths, is to create more meaningful contributions in life and work. As we conclude our Leadership Academy curriculum, what have you been learning, practicing and applying? What do you notice about your own development and development in members of your cohort? In this final Module, you will share your own Personal Mastery story in a formal presentation to a group of Academy Fellows and invited guests from the ACC NCR leadership.



  • Complete the Self-assessment
  • Review your Development Plan notes
  • Prepare a formal presentation (10 minutes) “My Journey Toward Leadership Mastery.”  Although you will present this to other Fellows and invited guests from the Academy Board of Advisors, and ACC NCR Board of Directors and leadership, craft it as if you were going to present it to your own leadership/management team. Consider the following in your Presentation:
    • How would I describe my personal learning journey as part of ACC NCR Leadership Academy?
    • What did I set out to discover, learn, and develop for myself as a leader?
    • How have those learning goals been accomplished?
    • A significant learning moment, and why was it so?
    • How have I applied some of my learning to what I do in my role? What has been the impact on others?
    • How am I committed to my on-going development as a leader?

      Notes regarding your presentation:
      * The presentation will consist only of your oral delivery.
      * Do not prepare slides or plan to use any other audio or visual features.
      * You should expect to stand while you deliver your presentation.
Click Here To Download A Word Version Of The Briefing Sheet
Into Which You Can Type Your Responses To The Tasks (Above).


  • Check in and share any additional learning from the previous session.
  • Share your Self-assessment and note areas of awareness and development.
  • Share your Development Plan accomplishments and your intentions for ongoing development.
  • Share “highlights” (and any “lowlight” moments) of your Leadership Academy learning experience. What lasting impact will these have on you?

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