Module 1 Briefing Sheet / Class of 2021


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You have completed your Leadership Circle Profile 360, which gives you greater insight into how you are perceived as a leader and what you may want to develop. You also have completed the Behavioral Styles Assessment, which provides self-awareness of how your “default” behaviors affect your work focus and results orientation and your interpersonal relationships with colleagues and peers. In this Module, you will develop a greater understanding of four fundamental pillars of leadership: authenticity; personal brand; executive presence; and strategic relationships.

Note: Some of the pre-work is intended to provide foundational information. While some items of pre-work may not be discussed during the Academy session, it provides a necessary introduction to the material that will allow our faculty to maximize facilitation time when we are together for each seminar.




What Makes a Leader?

  • Defining Leadership
    • Who are your leadership role models?  What have you learned from them?
    • Identify an image from a magazine, newspaper, etc. that best describes your leadership. Write down 3 adjectives that best describe your image/leadership.
    • Using the GoReact platform (see instructions above), record a 1-minute video that sets out
      • Who you are.
      • Your career background and what you do now.
      • What does the image you selected say about you as a leader or an aspiring leader?
    • The members of each cohort should view and become familiar with each others’ videos.
  • Leadership v. Management
    • Complete p. 2 in the Pre-Work Exercises booklet.


  • Reflect on “The Authenticity Paradox” article and these questions:
    • What does “being authentic” mean in your life?
    • How would you describe your most is authentic self?
    • Have you ever paid a price for your authenticity as a leader? Was it worth it?
    • What tools do you use to become self-aware?
    • What kind of support team do you have in your professional life? How can your support team make you a more authentic leader?
    • Do you create an environment where others on your team/ colleagues feel comfortable being their authentic self? Please provide an example of how you demonstrate this, or, how you could improve in this area.
    • How does your leadership experience reflect Ibarra’s conclusion: “The only way we grow as leaders is by stretching the limits of who we are—doing new things that make us uncomfortable but that teach us through direct experience who we want to become.”
  • Complete pp. 3-5 in the Pre-Work Exercises booklet.

Personal Brand

  • Reflect on the “What Buzz Are You Creating? Mastering Your Personal Brand” article.
  • Complete p. 6 in the Pre-Work Exercises booklet.

Executive Presence

  • Reflect on the “To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How and When You Say It” article and these questions:
    • Are you able to communicate with executives and have your views heard?
      • Have you ever had a moment like Nancy’s? What was it and how did you handle it?
    • Who are the key stakeholders in your success as a leader (outside of your legal department)? How well do they know you? How well do you know them, their business, and their goals? How clear are you about what they expect from you?
    • What activities do you do to ensure you have a more strategic view/business context in your interactions with executives?

Strategic Relationships

  • Reflect on the “How Leaders Create and Use Networks” and “Look for Your Next Mentor Outside the Legal Department” articles and these questions:
    • Do you intentionally take the time to identify and cultivate strategic relationships based on your key goals and objectives?
    • Do you have the right and supportive sponsors and advocates that know your value and support your aspirations and goals?
    • Do you take time to build mentors that support you in your career aspirations and professional goals?
    • Reflect: Are your mentors within or outside of the legal department or both?
    • How diverse are your mentors, do they support you in expanding your knowledge within different parts of your organization?
    • Are you a sponsor and mentor for others?
  • Complete ONLY the “Who?” column on p. 7 in the Pre-Work Exercises booklet.


  • Now that you have completed the Leadership Circle Profile assessment process and have developed at least a preliminary Development Plan, discuss with your cohort:
    • Were there any surprises (favorable or unfavorable) in your 360 results?
    • 1 or 2 of the development goals that you have set for yourself for which you want the members of your cohort to be your accountability partners.
  • Discuss how you define leadership and the video you created to explain the image you chose.


  • Answer the question: “Who Am I as a Leader?” and recognize perspective shifts that occur when one moves into leadership roles.
  • Understand defining your leadership—what best describes you as a leader.
  • Leadership v. management: reflect and identify where you are spending most of your time—what are the areas of focus and behaviors you need to do less of/more of to maximize your leadership.
  • Answer the question: “What does it mean for me to be an authentic leader?” and consider behaviors that you want to develop or change.
  • Examine and identify your top core values and ways to integrate into your leadership.
  • Answer the question: “What is my personal brand, and how do I differentiate my brand from others and how do I incorporate into my leadership?”
  • Learn best practices to improve executive presence in terms of your executive voice.
  • Evaluate your strategic relationships and learn ways to develop them to support your leadership goals and aspirations.

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