Academy Spotlight: Jeanine Turner – Presentation Skills

Jeanine Turner, Associate Professor, Georgetown University, and Affiliate Professor, McDonough School of Business:  

Tell us about yourself:
I enjoy working with executives to help them understand how to be more fully present with their audiences. The digital environment makes communication more complicated than ever before and speakers face stiff competition when trying to engage audiences and communicate their message. Over the last twenty years, I have taught at Georgetown in the Communication, Culture and Technology program and in the McDonough School of Business. I also enjoy researching about the impact of digital devices on the way we communicate.

What is the focus of this Module?
This module helps participants frame and focus a presentation in 10 minutes or less. We also work on delivery techniques and explore ways to capitalize on delivery whether presenting in a small meeting, a large conference, one on one, or in a video or audio conference.

From your perspective, which aspects of the Module resonated most directly with Fellows? What do you think their biggest take-aways will be and what types of actionable goals do you hope Fellows will set as a result of this Module?
Fellows left with a framework for building a presentation quickly that is focused on their audience and develops a compelling message with evidence that supports their point. Whether the presentation is in a longer format or even a quick two minute answer, being able to frame the message for the audience is critical.

How would you describe the role played by Board of Advisors Member Mary Kennard?  What did she contribute to the Module and what did you learn from her participation?
Mary helped participants situate the role of messaging within the context of challenging scenarios that the Fellows might face in their work environment. Mary provided her own wisdom and expertise and helped the Fellows feel comfortable to engage in conversations around the issues..

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