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Pursue A Curriculum Built On Core Self-Management, Relationship Management And Leadership Competencies.

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Cultivate Lasting Professional Relationships And Expand Your Professional Network.

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Set Yourself On A Path To Navigate Successfully At The Highest Levels Of Your Organization.
  • The path to career advancement is paved with a commitment to personal growth.  Good in-house lawyers are effective advisors.  Great in-house lawyers learn how to lead.

    Rob Falk
    Rob Falk The Truth Initiative | General Counsel
  • Success as in-house counsel depends just as much on "soft skills" such as effectiveness as a communicator, advocate and coach as it does on the "hard skills" of substantive legal knowledge. Focused leadership development training can be an efficient way to improve areas like these to help position an in-house lawyer for a leadership role.

    Dean A. Manson
    Dean A. Manson EchoStar Corporation | Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Generally in-house attorneys know that they need to be highly skilled practitioners and strong individual contributors, but I learned pretty early in my career that lawyers who want to advance to senior leadership roles must also develop leadership skills and competencies to effectively influence people and create positive outcomes.  The good news is that these leadership skills can be learned and they should be an essential component of every attorney’s professional development journey.

    Ama Romaine
    Ama Romaine The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab | General Counsel and Head of Risk Management
  • I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in formal leadership training early in my career, and it’s made a huge difference.  The ACC NCR Leadership Academy program is focused on just the right overarching skills, with team-building and communication at the core.

    Cindy Lewin
    Cindy Lewin Formerly AARP | Executive Vice President and General Counsel

ACC National Capital Region is committed to enhancing the personal and professional lives of its members by helping them to become smarter, save time and money, and advance their careers through education, fellowship, and public service.

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